Friday, August 19, 2011

Hallelujah...I'm outta this nuthouse.


Damn, it's boring here. There's nobody to talk to other than that other Great White that's sittin' beside me; he's complaining about the fact that the seals and penguins are in boxes and he can't eat them- "c'mon dude get a life!!! You know the manager in the store is going to go absolutely ape-**** if you eat the rest of the guys in those boxes".

The rattlesnake sittin' on the shelf above me is an absolute fruitcake!!! He looks like an exploded box of Fruity Pebbles or some reject from the 1960s...the age of and happy pills...I don't know what he's been smoking but he looks dazed and confused and he's mumbling about "rats eating his braincells". That's what you get when you're sitting on top of a bunch of "cool cats" - cheetahs. You know they're pushers.

I knew it, the human that was here a couple weeks ago with his kid in the stroller came back for me. I knew it...Adios, Wayne (he's that psychotic Great White, I was stuck with; He's the one with the scar on his nose)...I'm gettin' out of this insane asylum. YAY!!! Yep...I'm being hauled to the checkout counter...and wow...he's got one hell of a cool-lookin' camera. Hey, I think I lucked out. I'm gonna be a "movie star"...or at least a model. More later...once I get situated at my new abode.

Yay...I'm off the rack. That guy came over, picked me up and put me up at the counter and he's gonna pick me up tomorrow. :D Wayne don't look too happy.

Friday: Hey, that human picked me up today...and he's carrying me around like a football...Hey...did that car just about nearly collide with a light post? I guess he doesn't care about looking goofy. But hey...that means he's got a quirky sense of humor. Don't really know much about humans...never really acquired the taste for them. They sure as hell don't taste like chicken. I don't think I'll chomp his big lens on that camera of's pretty ugly lookin'...and it don't look too appetizing. Glass never appealed to me either. Give me a good tasting cow any day of the week. Well, evidently this means that he's going to use me as a model. I'm gonna be a star. They got errands to do...and I can go with them...So...catch ya on the flip-side...or shall I say "flipper-side". Ha ha ha...I crack myself up...

Here's my portrait from some guy who took my pic while at the store. I'll get some better ones up later on. Love that camera...Come to daddy...

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