Monday, August 29, 2011

Not much happening here...

Hi, Toothy here.

Yep, been a while since anything was posted on this here blog, but y''s been a lazy week. Human took off to Vancouver with something havin' to do with one of his kids. So I stayed at home and guarded the house. Didn't take his camera either so ended up having to protect that too; Toothy...the Guard Shark...don't mess with my Human's camera, man or hospital's gonna run out of stitchin' material.

I look good, don't I? After all, it costs a lot to have a Guard Shark...y'know. I don't come cheap. OK...maybe a hunk of mackeral or somethin' now and then. But then again, it's about 50 tons worth every two weeks.

Anyways, Human will probably take me out again sometime this week. It's bound to be raining according to what Human says. He checks out the Weather Network.

Well more to come soon...Catch ya later...Alligator.

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