Friday, August 19, 2011

Holy Cripes...Did we just do a tour of the Lower Mainland????

This guy is inexhaustible. From the time I got picked up from the nuthouse that was the store that I was in today, I've gone from Surrey to Langley to Downtown Vancouver (all the way into the West End of Downtown).

First place we went after I got home to my new place from my home that I've had for I forget how long...(confused yet?) Human pops me in the camera bag...and we're off to Langley and Willowbrook Mall...who knew?

This is me hanging out by the sign.

Then after we hop back on the bus headed back to Surrey, we decide that we're going to go out to Vancouver. Now...this isn't a place that I remember. All I remember is getting shoved into a crate in some unknown country...and darkness until they opened whatever box I was in and stuck me on the shelf in that nuthouse. But anyways. I went on what was called or at least the humans in my life now call it...the Skytrain. Runs on rails or something like that on a bunch of big pillars.

See here I am, stuck in my human's camera bag. At least I get to stick my head out. He tells me how lucky I am...since a friend of his had his buddy stuck at the bottom of the camera bag.

We then went all the way to Downtown Vancouver, and got off the Skytrain at Burrard Station, then we walked some more...over to Davie Street and Cardero. On the way there, I saw some weird rainbow lookin' flags. Don't know what they mean...hey, I'm a shark...I'm not supposed to know anything other than eatin' fish. Everything's a new experience. After we went to his mate's workplace (at least he explained that she worked there for one shift, last weekend or she explained it. She says he's absent-minded...whatever that is...)...some place called London Drugs. I don't know why it's called London...or who this London person is. Don't ask me, I don't know...

After we went walking on the least they did...I just got carried. I'm a pelagic...I don't have any he just carried me around. Watched the big fiery ball of light go down in the sky... OH? That's the sun, eh? my picture taken with the sunset...

My human was muttering something about not having a "flash" whatever that is...Something about bringing out my features...and hey...that's a good thing.

And finally, we walked back to the Skytrain, rode the Skytrain into Waterfront Station...and got to sit down all the way back to Surrey...'s Waterfront Station...yep...that blurry thing is a Skytrain right behind me. Cool, eh?

Now we're back home and it's almost midnight..."Hey...human...can you let me out of this bag?"

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